BROUGH SUPERIOR (back to the future?)

An important event at this year's 60th anniversary Pebble Beach events included the Retromobile display which included the newest star in motorcycling---the return of BROUGH SUPERIOR. The new company, a continuation of the original BROUGH SUPERIOR Company has, over the past couple of years recreated the historic machines of George Brough and they are now being hand-built, carefully and slowly, but built. These can be purchased and owned by US riders through HARRIS VINCENT GALLERY at this time. A look at the latest factory sales catalogue can be had by clicking on "BROUGH SUPERIOR" on the site.

Why a new one? The main reason to have a new one is that the early motor cycles are so scarce as to be unobtainable, so finding a sound one and one that is correct is often a hit-or-miss matter.

As well, the internal integrity of 80+ year old motor cycles is often unknown. British motorcycles built before The Hitler War often suffered from severe use, lack of service and lack of proper parts. Many were pressed into service as dispatch machines or worse during the hostilities. As a consequence, they mostly emerged in a poor state. Today, knowing what is inside the engine cases is difficult, especially through an auction. Only by buying a restored bike by a name restorer or from a well-known dealer can one have much reassurance.

More owners are riding these icon motorcycles and riding them hard. In many cases, the new owners bring little old-bike experience with them to the task. Proper adjustments to the primary chain, valve adjustment, engine timing and much more can prove to be foreign concepts to such owners and are therefore ignored too often. Any of these adjustments can greatly harm a Brough if they are improperly set.

Only Superman can see inside metal to find cracks, fatigue, etc. in the case of an early Brough Superior motorcycle and frames which have 80 to nearly 90 years of rough roads, crashes, straightening and more can have these flaws concealed beneath layers of beautifully fresh paint.

So, the purchase of a continuation Brough Superior makes good sense to the person who prizes an icon motorcycle for not only its value as art, but who is interested in the world of the 1920s motorcycling experience and desires maximum security in that pursuit. Any motorcycle can prove dangerous in the wrong situation, modern ones especially. A properly set-up motorcycle such as the BROUGH SUPERIOR, in the hands of a rider trained for its early controls and use should be manageable and rewarding. One rides old bikes to experience the times. An old bike makes you take your time in preparing to ride, starting and finishing a ride. You simply cannot hurry this and in the day, this was the pace of life. Slow and certain. Owners find this style to be a rewarding part of BROUGH SUPERIOR ownership.

HARRIS VINCENT GALLERY, Inc. is now an official BROUGH SUPERIOR dealer. Quite simply, you can select the exact model which reflects your style from the catalogue here on the site and begin the process with an e-mail to I will receive your e-mail and contact you by telephone or by e-mail at your option and we will discuss the process and the motorcycle further. No doubt, you might have questions about the time involved, pricing, options to consider and delivery particulars. These will be covered.

Every BROUGH SUPERIOR ever manufactured, whether in the pre-war era or today, is a custom-built motor cycle done to the specifications of the buyer. While they cannot be built overnight, the process is reassuringly straightforward. Your motorcycle will be sent to our shops in Austin, Texas where we will go over it very thoroughly and subject it to testing on our chassis dynamometer. This testing is performed to expose any possible adjustment areas, find strange sounds and properly tune the engine to your locale. Horsepower testing is done and break-in mileage can be accomplished on it if you like.

Austin, Texas is known to be a great destination for its live music areas as well as the Texas Hill Country lakes, mountains and superb motorcycle friendly roads. We will meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel. There are many fine ones and car companies often launch new models here on account of the interesting roads, great entertainment and friendly atmosphere. Your BROUGH SUPERIOR will be ready for you to see and "ride" on the dyno so as to give you time operating the hand-shift gearbox in the safety of a situation without traffic. We will go over the operation and basic checks you should know such as checking the oil level on start up, putting the machine safely on its stand and more. When we drop you back at Austin Bergstrom Int'l airport, your motorcycle will be dispatched by our preferred carrier, Allied/Federal to your door. This takes 7 to 10 days. The financial arrangements and paperwork can of course be done by wire transfer and by FedEx. If you like, we can convert your overseas title to a Texas Certificate of Title so that registration in your state will be most easy. Your BROUGH SUPERIOR will be fully and legally licensed so that you can insure it and enjoy the ride as with any motorcycle. Done properly, the D.O.T. and E.P.A. regulations are lawfully inapplicable to your new BROUGH SUPERIOR.

HARRIS VINCENT GALLERY will have a factory-trained mechanic as well as access to the factory parts in the unlikely event of the need for them. Typically, we connect with the mechanic you generally use for your vintage bikes and cars and talk him through the problem. This generally solves the problem. In case more is needed, we are able to provide a mechanic to come to you with tools and spares enough to deal with the matter and at the same time, service your machine, changing oil, adjusting the chains, valves, tire pressures and more. The cost of this reflects the transportation costs, parts and a reasonable labor charge. Non-running display bikes are not what we sell. Yours can be kept running properly.

The fun can start as soon as you look through the on-line catalogue. This is not a project for "some day" in the future, bike orders are being booked---today! Men are either dreamers who never quite take action to own the BROUGH SUPERIOR they've long wanted and deserve or they take the first step and get it done. You probably didn't get where you are today by being only a dreamer. Lets you and I get it done.