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"A 4 A" Series "C" Vincent Black Shadow

One of the two Series "C" Black Shadows we are remanufacturing, side by side, is this one, A 4 A, named for its "matching numbers" stamped on the cases. On the main cases, ET 1 and 2, these are found directly across from each other on the top of the cases. I have included an image of this.

ZZ 23 Vincent Black Shadow

Currently being constructed alongside its sister SHADOW, A4A, is the Series "C" Black Shadow, now referred to in the HVG shops as "ZZ 23" its case factory matching numbers. The Vincent factory gave a short, but unique series of letters and numbers to stamp on each component engine case to insure that during the manufacture process, they were not mixed with those of any other engine.

Vincent PS

Great bikes have always had great stories. Recently, I have been credited in THE VINCENT IN THE BARN, just released as being one who finds historic bikes and gets them going. I plead guilty to that and can't imagine owning a bike without having curiosity about its history and seeing it back together and running. Here's another one, not in the book.