In recent weeks, HVG has had the opportunity to add to its VINCENT inventory of motorcycles with the other, top collectors' marque. BROUGH SUPERIOR is to motorcycling before WW II what VINCENT is to post-war motorcycling. The top, the setter of world's speed records, the hand-built, limited production make that every knowledgeable motorcyclist aspired to own was VINCENT and BROUGH. Good enough reasons for us to have both on the site.

This is not to say we are remanufacturing any BROUGH SUPERIORS at this time, as we currently have our hands full with the build of four VINCENT Series "C" Black Shadows in the course of 2010. But, we have placed several top-level and mostly historically important BROUGHS on the HVG site so you can add one to your collection while they exist to be acquired. Recall that once a top level VINCENT reaches its new owner, you seldom see it again. These trade privately, between friends or collectors and almost never reach public auction. Therefore, the opportunity to collect the truly historic and top running and complete examples eludes many. I'm happy to say we can help that situation.

BROUGHs roughly happen in two guises, JAP-engined ones, being mainly the earlier built ones and when G. Brough became disentranced with them, the Matchless-engined ones. Of the 3,000 or so BROUGHs built, between 300 and 400 were the legendary SS 100s and their variations. Of these, most were Matchless engined. No matter which engine is used, a genuine BROUGH from the 1920s and 1930s is a prize and a key to a fine collection. It is estimated that only about 1000 BROUGHS of all types, bikes, cars, piles of parts and running bikes remain.

As with VINCENT motorcycles, speed and exclusivity marked the BROUGH SUPERIOR rider as a most capable and discerning motorcyclist. Today, the individual motorcycles ridden to victory in famous races and those setting records and the prototype machines are worth the most. Consider that a home-made wooden cross might be in most ways like the actual crucifix, but they're not the same. The real one is the one that counts. So it is with collectors' motorcycles. The real one is the one that counts most. Read the content on each of the BROUGHs we will be adding over the coming weeks and find your own legendary BROUGH.

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