B 30 B


At last, the B30B project is about done. This remarkable Black Shadow, originally sent to America in the day and specifically to San Francisco, according to the factory build documents, is very close to its start-up. As the images show, at least some do, it's in the wiring stage and then the cables and fuel lines go on.

More than any other Shadow we've done in the last few years, B30B, THE GOLDEN GATE BIKE, has incorporated into it so many original small parts, being the nuts, bolts, washers, screws and special parts all of which we have carefully checked and then had cadmium plated in white cadmium plating. The result is the original finish and much lighter than the grey look of stainless parts which are all you can buy today if you don't have original parts. Notice that on the inlet manifolds.

This motorcycle had no broken cylinder fins to start, the cases match and it even shows to have the original, three-weight wheel balancing equipment as per original factory equipment. Clutch and front brake levers are original, but rechromed by our platers. The curve to them is smooth and not a series of three sharper bends featured on the current crop of Chinese copies supplied to restorers.

The French-built electric starter on this bike ensures it will be a joy and not an episode of frustration or embarrassment when you take a ride on your Shadow with friends. Moreover, prior batteries we found were only good for 4 tries. If the engine gets flooded, that's it for awhile. Now, with the latest ones which still fit inside the original battery shell, you can crank the engine for several minutes-it'd overheat the starter I'm certain and ruin it, but the battery has that much reserve. Our customers like to ride, not change sparking plugs.

New saddles from our master maker in California, Michael Maestas have arrived and we now stock both saddles from him in the early and late stitch patterns, depending on the completion date of your Shadow.

The Golden Gate Shadow had a buyer, but is available. For those of you who follow the info on the site, you know that we believe not every buyer is right for an HVG bike. This proved to be the case with the B30B bike and we had to "fire" the prospective buyer as I was fairly sure his expectations couldn't be met by any bike. It's hard to take points off the board, but in the hopes he'll be happier down the line and we'd be happier down the line, you now have a shot at this great bike.

Inside the engine, the polished aluminum steady plate will be laser-engraved with the engine number, the date it was restored by HARRIS VINCENT GALLERY and your name as the original owner. Inside, but you'll know its there and we'll have a photo for you of it. As always, we will present the buyer with the three items accompanying each new Vincent Black Shadow originally. These include the RIDER'S HANDBOOK, a tool kit in a custom leather tool pouch with our Rollie trademark and a British made tyre inflator (tire pump) which fits on the lower right edge of the petrol tank.

It is the best in the world. Its sister bike was recently on the cover of ROBB REPORT- COLLECTIONS and the upcoming issue of ULTIMATE MOTORCYCLING will have a feature and cover on another of our Black Shadows. Why? They're the best. We can only make a few and that's all we really want to build.

Getting to the build stage on a Black Shadow means having finished the repairs to the damaged structures, if any, on the cases, the cylinders, cylinder heads and the outer engine and transmission covers before preparation for painting. Holes may have been damaged, cooling fins may have been broken and more. All of these require skilled work at our welder and machinists. Once we get back to the point where the engine structures are correct and sound, it all goes to the painter for that glorious painting. Paint today is so much better than originally, few of us want the lesser finish that was produced by the early paint. As well, much of the original paint was applied by dipping the part into a vat of black paint. Engine parts were excluded.

Note from the images, that the heart of the engine, the crankshaft and rods are settled in as are the spindles visible on the right side. On these rods ride the camshafts and the idler gears which transmit power to the cams and the breather.

In some images, the polished camshaft followers can be seen awaiting the cam installation. These are the polished arms resting on the spindles. Shadows got polished ones. As well, note particularly the steady plate. That's the alloy plate with two large circular holes covering the gears which are the cams and their drive gears. On this plate are the particulars for this engine including that it was built by Harris Vincent Gallery, the serial number and date. Your name will be added here if you purchase this prior to completion making a wonder picture for your wall of just what's inside your new Black Shadow.

The primary or drive side of the engine shows the primary chain and the part on which the Vincent clutch will mount. A tensioner for the chain can be seen. On the right side again, some on the earlier shots show the installation of the exhaust valve lifting device which opens the valve to allow this big engine to be kick-started. As you may know, on our electric start bikes such as B30B, you will have the option of starting it either way.

Note the careful work around the top of the pistons, checking clearances before the cylinder heads go on. You can see the difference between the design of the front and rear heads in one image as one intake port is on the left of the engine and the rear is on the right. By the way, the combustion shape of this engine is hemispherical or as Dodge now calls it, a "hemi."

The next steps will be to install the gearbox and clutch. Once the outer covers go on, then the two top engine mounts will be added as will the UFM or "upper frame member" or actually, a magnificently strong oil tank doing duty as the frame. Vincents then are relatively without a frame of tubes in the conventional sense. This is, even today, very advanced engineering and couples the weight savings of no frame with the double duty for the oil tank.

Call today (512) 346-5533 and arrange to make this your Black Shadow. As we continue the build process, you can be consulted on some aspects which offer choices. I anticipate that B30B will be finished by May of this year. These are not getting any easier to find or to properly build.