"A 4 A" Series "C" Vincent Black Shadow


One of the two Series "C" Black Shadows we are remanufacturing, side by side, is this one, A 4 A, named for its "matching numbers" stamped on the cases. On the main cases, ET 1 and 2, these are found directly across from each other on the top of the cases. I have included an image of this.

As you can see, you really must paint the engine cases on a Black Shadow before assembly. Not after. Masking and cleaning happens, paint goes on and in this example, you can see it is thicker rather than thinner. This is so mainly for the protection it provides for fuel spillage and dings.

Once painted, the main engine / transmission unit gets ball bearings from England pressed into place to hold the transmission shafts and the main shafts on the crankshaft or "the flywheels." Take a close look at the connecting rods attached to the flywheels. All new stuff from MAUGHAN and SONS in Britain considered the best and pressed together to an extremely close tolerance by our expert. The connecting rods are genuine Vincent rods, magnafluxed for any microscopic cracks, hand-polished to eliminate any starting points for cracks and checked for straightness and truth. I have never known of a rod failure by a Vincent rod in use and they are genuine and still, the very best.

You can see the transmission cavity with bearings, into which the shafts and gears will soon be placed. On the other side, the open face of the TIMING SIDE as it is called; (the right side of the engine as seated on the bike) is now filled with the camshafts, cam followers, spindles on which they turn, gears which turn them and the large, aluminum plate which carries the ends of the spindles. The timing cover supports this outer end of the shafts as well.

Other images show the unpainted and incomplete cylinder heads for this bike. Note the artsy shots of the inlet and exhaust passages to see it like your intake and exhaust gases see it as they take a little hike through the combustion chamber making lots of great horsepower in the process. This combustion chamber is a "hemi' or hemispherical in shape used by Vincent long before Chrysler Corp. ever produced one.


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