Steve Dishman's 1951 Black Shadow. Modified for modern fuel, Stock Amal carburetors, and volks Airfilter housings, with K&N highflow filters. Two into one exhaust header(ceramic coated), with Baffled silencer for better low/midrange.
40.49 Rear wheel HP, 44.58 Torque,at 122.90mph! See the August MPH for more info. Steve, and his Black Shadow will be on the cover.
Gene Brown's HVG built, Red and Black Rapide(Hell boy),Won "Best in show" at the Cobble beach concourse in 2016! It was entered against some of the finest Vincent's in America.
See attached article for show details:

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Danny Sullivan's HVG built Vincent black shadow, won best in show at the Quail 2015! Danny even rode it to the podium when collecting his trophy!

1932 VINCENT H.R.D. 500cc Python Sport

In the early years of Vincent, before the company designed and produced its own engines, they used outside suppliers. Most would agree the best of those was RUDGE, a small producer of exquisitely complex, high performance 4-valve engines. This example came to us in boxes but, eventually, we began work.

Photos with much detail were rare and although parts lists exist, none were exploded view. A few key parts had to be created such as the twin silencers while others took years to find such as the Blumfield front brake. Eventually, it was done. Riding it solved the mystery of why Vincent went to duo-brakes. Peter Egan rode it for the “CYCLE WORLD” article and characterized the front brake lever as a “butter applicator.” It has won Best of Show at several big shows including The Quail Motorcycle Gathering, Del Mar Concourse and Barber. And it starts and rides beautifully.


The Quail Motorcycle Event, 2011. Harris Vincent Gallery launches THE CREAMER lovers dream to the approval of the crowds. The very red 1949 VINCENT RAPIDE with attached and originally a factory-installed BLACKNELL BULLET sidecar made its first appearance flanked by two HVG Black Shadows.


HARRIS VINCENT GALLERY is an incorporated business devoted to the on-line sales of the finest of European motorcycles, trophies, out of print books and magazines, original and limited edition motorcycle art, rare Vincent racing parts and more. Simply put, HVG intends to offer the legends of classic motorcycling to the buyer who shops on-line, wants his items to be available now and not years from now and enjoys the convenience of purchasing and receiving the genuine articles from a recognized source.

Several years ago, the idea occurred to my wife, Karen, that some buyers want to enjoy owning and riding the top motorcycles in the world, but do not have the time or energy to spend finding one, locating a restorer specializing in that brand and then waiting on the list for two or three years before the restoration began. Motorcycles are all about fun and fun delayed for too long is no longer any fun.

Buyers need a source for not just the motorcycles, but the icons and images that remind them of their passion for motorcycles. Customers have no time to track down a person somewhere in the world who might own one, just call up a site and buy it. For this, HVG does not need 10,000 customers. It would only need 100 or so good, motorcycle crazy customers who appreciate the real thing.

Thus, HVG is not for everyone. We are not for the buyer who wants a Triumph Bonneville. We are not for the buyer who has a limited budget for everything he buys. We are not for the buyer who wants to hassle his way into his purchases. Most importantly, we are not BROKERS who just charge to connect an unknown seller to a vulnerable buyer.

HVG owns its inventory and does not seek to use brokers. We have agents in Britain and in the US to help us acquire the rarest items. Once these are acquired, HVG utilizes its Texas workshops to assess, service, repair if necessary and return the item to a stock specification if owner-modified, prior to sale. We test ride these several times during the course of the service process to achieve a motorcycle that is easy starting and good running.

HVG is seeking customers who have or wish to gain an appreciation of the finest that motorcycling has produced in the past 100 years. HVG wants customers who appreciate not only the merchandise, but can use the site to broaden their thinking about these rare motorcycles and develop a good working strategy to acquire the best, maintain these in such a way as to not diminish the value of them. HVG can be a resource for the proper repair of them, if needed.